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by Mercury Security Management

Mercury Security Management offer a wide range of security gates to both the public and private sector that include fully functional bespoke gates. We can also supply car park barriers, anti-ram-raid rising bollards and full height turnstiles.

We also offer a range of control options from the simple option of radio remote controls, keypad’s, GSM telephony based intercoms up to a fully-fledged computer interfaced proximity reader access control systems.

From the Mercury NSI Gold approved Command & Control Monitoring Centre our operators can provide you with remote site entry and exit. In many instances we fully manage the entire process from design to commission. Furthermore, we provide expert advice and guidance to the end user in order to ensure the safety of the public who will be utilising or in the vicinity of these gates.

The Health and Safety Executive summarises the actions you need to take so that the public, your staff, and other workers are not put at risk by the gate’s design, construction, operation or lack of maintenance.

It is advised that the end user is required to;

• Check your gate is being maintained by a reputable company who regularly test the safety features of the gateto ensure they are set and working correctly – they should use measuring equipment to test closing forces. Keep
a log of maintenance.
• Ask the gate maintenance company to show you how to release the gate in an emergency – this should be easy and quick to do. You may need to inform your staff or other users how to do this.
• Also ask them to show you the safety features including:-

• Any safety edges (usually rubber “buffer” strips running the full height of the gate);
• Light beams to detect a person or object in the way of the closing gate;
• The operation of the force limitation device (although this is unlikely to be enough to stop injury on its own);
• Fixed guards at other areas e.g. where the vertical bars of a gate slide close to the vertical bars of a fence.

Mercury Security Management are fully compliant with the above statements and will CE mark your automation system and issue you a Declaration of Conformity.

We want to become your trusted specialist for supplying and fitting your gate requirements which will allow you to benefit from;

• An initial, informal meeting without any charge to you!
• Complimentary measurements for your new gate.
• Removal and recycling of your old gate where applicable.
• Storage of your new gate until you require it!
• Local delivery
• A bespoke solution that is designed for you.
• The best prices from a NACOSS Gold company
• A fully compliant solution

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